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Humans will someday be able to converse with pets, researcher says
Animal behaviorist Con Slobodchikoff says he has decoded the language of prairie dogs, an accomplishment that means technology could someday be capable of translating the communications of cats, dogs and other animals. "It's probably five to 10 years out. But I think we can get to the point where we can actually communicate back and forth in basic animal languages," Slobodchikoff says. The Atlantic online

Pets and owners can shape up together

  • Exercise is good for pets and people. Dog owners reap such benefits as better heart health and lower stress levels. So get active with your pets and engage in at least a half-hour of activity each day. With dog-friendly exercise classes and gyms popping up, owners and their furry friends have many options.
  • View AVMA's video on preventing obesity in pets 

Vaccines: Protecting our pets 
Vaccinations play an integral role in keeping our pets healthy. But why are vaccinations so important? How do they work? What risks are involved? And what kinds of vaccinations do our pets really need? In our latest "AVMA TV" video, Dr. Tony Kremer explains the ins and outs of having your pets vaccinated. 

Tribeca film captures animals' knack for living in the moment
Director Keith Hopkin has created "Savour Every Moment," a poignant short film of pets doing what they do, to "capture, in a simple and pure way, the almost magical effect our pets can have on us," he said. The film was funded by a Canadian pet food company and shown at the Tribeca Film Festival. FastCoCreate 

Microchips: Your Best Bet to Get Back a Lost Pet 

Microchips are an important and permanent form of identification that can greatly increase the chances of you being reunited with your lost pets. Watch AVMA's latest video to learn how microchips work, what they can (and cannot) do, and the importance of keeping your information up to date in the microchip registry database

Video: Dog Bite Prevention Week 2013

Last year, nearly 5 million people were bitten by dogs in the United States, and nearly 1 million people, more than half of them children, required medical attention for dog bites. By understanding how our own behaviors and those of our pets may trigger opportunities for dog bites, we can do our part to reduce the number of bites, not only during Dog Bite Prevention Week, but throughout the year. Watch AVMA's dog bite prevention video

Cat found alive in rubble 6 days after Okla. tornado
Boy Scout Justin Hulme Rangel, 13, discovered missing 13-year-old cat Egor in the rubble of his owner's home Sunday, nearly a week after the devastating Oklahoma tornado. The cat was found wedged under debris. Veterinarian Danielle Dugat treated Egor at the Oklahoma State University veterinary school's teaching hospital and said he was doing well and was expected to go home this week. The Dallas Morning News (free content)