In Home Pet Wellness & Medical Care

                                               6 IMPORTANT REASONS
                                   Your Pet Deserves a House Call

  1. Quality veterinary attention, in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home.
  2. Eliminates the transportational stress of carsick dogs and crying cats.
  3. Avoids waiting room anxiety and exposure to the illnesses of other animals.
  4. Convenient daytime and evening appointments for busy mothers, working households, and senior citizens.
  5. Ability to evaluate behavioral and medical conditions in the environment that may be effecting them.
  6. Compassionate home care for those pets who shouldn't or can't be moved.
  Regular wellness exams are the best way to keep your pet healthy and is the cornerstone of good veterinary medicine.  Dogs and cats age at a more rapid rate than humans so it is very important to assess them physically at least once a year.  With each visit, I will perform a thorough exam looking at your pet's eyes, ears, teeth, skin, heart, lungs, abdomen, orthopedic condition and mentation (mental activity.)  I will also take a thorough history, asking you questions about your pet's diet, activity level, bathroom habits and general well-being.  Putting their physical condition together with useful information from you, helps me to diagnose conditions before they have progressed or become harder to treat.

  Through the use of Vaccinations, the veterinary profession has managed to significantly minimize the number of communicable diseases that cats and dogs contract.  I will always choose the highest quality and safest vaccines for your pet.  There are core vaccinations that I recommend routinely as well as vaccinations that are only given to pets at risk of contracting the illness the vaccine prevents.  I will put together a vaccination protocol that is specific to your dog or cat based on their needs and risk factors.

  Heartworm Prevention is extremely important in the state of Florida.  I can easily draw the small blood sample necessary and perform the standard, yet quick and easy, required yearly diagnostic test for heartworm right in your home.  I also carry a variety of products which protect against heartworm disease and intestinal parasites as well as those that combine heartworm prevention and flea control.

  Other services I provide include, Puppy and Kitten Programs, Senior Wellness Care, Behavioral Health Consultations, Laser Therapy (see sidebar), as well as Microchipping.

 Should the need arise for Surgery, Radiology or Hospitalization, I have a long term, close affiliation with a local Full Service Veterinary Hospital as well as good relationships with Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Care facilities in our area.