In Home Pet Laser Therapy


Also known as cold laser, low level-level therapy is a form of photo-therapy used to stimulate tissue repair and provide pain management.  The laser uses focused red and infrared light to stimulate tissue at and below the surface of your pet's skin and, depending on the frequency used, can penetrate the joints as well.  The biochemical effect of the low level light increases the production of cellular energy and therefore promotes cellular regeneration, production of collagen for tissue repair and vascular dilation and synthesis for better circulation.  Light from the low-level laser also encourages production of the body's natural pain relievers. 

If your pet has sustained an injury, undergone orthopedic surgery, or suffers from arthritis or other painful conditions, it may be a candidate for low-level laser therapy.  The low-level laser not only speeds the healing process, but also affects the the overall quality of the repaired tissue.  In addition to arthritis, muscle, tendon and ligament injuries, disc disease and other conditions that limit movement can all be helped by laser therapy.  It is a non-invasive, drug and side-effect free modality that speeds healing, controls inflamation, increases joint flexability and accelerates pain relief by boosting the body's production of endorphins, reducing the need for pain killing medications. 

Although the term “laser” may conjure up images of the high-powered version sometimes used in surgical settings, the low-level laser causes no temperature change to the patient during or after the treatment and there is no risk of burning.  Low-level laser therapy is very safe and comfortable for your pet.  However, it should not be used in patients that are pregnant or that have cancer, as it stimulates cell growth and does not differentiate between healthy and cancerous cells.

Since low-level laser therapy has a cumulative effect, multiple treatments are usually reccomended. The number of sessions will depend on a number of different factors including your pet's age, diagnosis, chronicity of the conditon and overall health status.  Generally, acute conditions require fewer treatments (typically 4-6), while more chronic conditions can often require 10-12 sessions before reaching the desired response.

You will be able to hold your pet during the laser treatment and they may have treats or anything else to make them comfortable. The length of each laser application usually lasts for 5-10 minutes per site being treated. No special preparation prior to the treatment is required and there is no need to clip the coat.  Normal activity is fine before and after the treatment.  The charges for laser therapy are very reasonable but since each dog or cat's condtion can vary considerably and consequently so also the number of treatments required, please feel free to call me to discuss costs.

Below is a link to a video a collegue of mine in Naples, FL has made, wherein she discusses her experience with the same laser I am using as well as video testimonials from her clients and their pets: